Derek's Constituent Engagement Plan for Northumberland-Peterborough South
The Constituent Engagement Plan will give EVERY resident of Northumberland-Peterborough South who wants to be involved in the decision-making process the opportunity to do so; regardless of political affiliation. Involvement will be open to EVERYBODY.

The Constituent Engagement Plan will be a large part of my decision-making process on every piece of legislation. It will also be a defacto "think tank", where any resident can feel comfortable bringing ideas forward for discussion and consideration. Just like the Trillium Party takes all of its policy guidelines from the grassroots, I will do the same within Northumberland-Peterborough South through the Constituent Engagement Plan.

The Constituent Engagement Plan will consist of a few key elements:

1) Bi-monthly town halls. Six times a year, there will be a town hall held somewhere within the riding.
 Town Halls will ALWAYS be free and open to the public, and will be interactive with questions and concerns from residents being the focus.

2) Door knocking. One Saturday a month, year-round, as your MPP I will go into a community within the riding and knock on doors, picking the brain of residents. I will remain open to suggestions, as well as criticisms. Constituent interaction is a key part of the commitment in the Constituent Engagement Plan.

3) Legislation website. The Trillium Party of Ontario believes you are ALWAYS entitled to COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY. We believe that the government is responsible to YOU for your money, and no documents relating to how that money is being used should EVER be withheld from you. That's why my website will ALWAYS be open, with ALL legislation and documents available for public scrutiny, well before it is being put to a vote in the legislature. YOU are entitled to that.

4) Constituent Engagement Registry. Also through the website, constituents will be able to sign up for the Constituent Engagement Registry. Upon confirmation of address and identity, those who sign up will be added to the registry. The registry will be used as part of my research process on any piece of legislation. During my research, I will personally call a random sampling of residents from the Constituent Engagement Registry. It would be my hope that EVERY resident who wants to be consulted will register, and it would be my goal that everybody on the registry gets called at least once in a four-year term of office. The Constituent Engagement Registry is the most ambitious and innovative piece of the Constituent Engagement Plan.

5) Full accessibility. When I put my phone number on my campaign flyers, it was my personal cell phone number. That will be the number constituents will ALWAYS have access to. While many MPPs direct constituents to an office phone or 1-800 number, my commitment to YOU is that as a resident of Northumberland-Peterborough South, you will always be able to call me directly. While
sometimes my family time is just that, and not subject to interruption by taking a phone call, voicemails will always receive a direct call back...not from an assistant, but from me.

This is the Constituent Engagement Plan. I have put it in writing, so that you can hold me accountable to it once I am in office, should I win the election in June.

I look forward to the opportunity to hold myself accountable to every word.

Derek Sharp

Trillium Party of Ontario 2018 Provincial Candidate Northumberland-Peterborough South
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