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Northumberland-Peterborough South
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Derek with Trillium Party Leader Bob Yaciuk.
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Written by Derek Sharp on December 9, 2017
Let me preface this by saying I am not a climate change denier. I follow the science, and have read enough on both sides of the argument to make what I believe is a reasonably educated decision that I believe climate change is real, and is man-made.

However, I strongly oppose a carbon tax in Canada, and particularly in Ontario. Here's why.

First, a carbon tax solves nothing. It is merely a punitive tax, and it has never been proven to actually lower emissions anywhere. Any measurable decline in emissions has only ever been attributed to the businesses that have closed down due to the carbon tax, and that is true of every jurisdiction that has ever levied a carbon tax.

Second, in Canada, and particularly Ontario, they refuse to tell us both sides of the science of carbon emission...the other side is carbon absorption. As one of the most heavily forested countries in the world, our carbon production is already net neutral, and in Ontario we are a net negative carbon producer. We contribute less than nothing to global carbon emissions because of our carbon absorption.

So what are they taxing? It would be like McDonald's charging you for a Big Mac combo and handing you an empty tray. They are literally levying a tax on nothing. That's why I call it a criminal theft.

Are there things we can do to help the environment? Sure there are. Taxing something that our forests are already taking care of for us is not an answer.
The Trillium Party strongly opposes the carbon tax, and will fight to stop this unnecessary cash grab.

Please consider supporting your Trillium Party candidate in 2018. If your riding does not yet have a Trillium Party candidate, and you believe as strongly in integrity, accountability, and transparency in government as we do, please consider throwing your hat into the ring. 

You CAN make a difference, and we CAN bring true democracy back to Ontario, by working TOGETHER.

About The Candidate:

Derek Sharp is a 42 year old father of 3, and a stay-at-home dad to his two young daughters. In 2015, he and his wife, Cheri, moved to Colborne from Ajax to make a better and more peaceful life for their children, away from the city.

Derek has spent most of his life in service to his community. He has been a volunteer in Jr. A hockey, working for 6 different Ontario Junior Hockey League teams over his 16 years as a volunteer. He was a member of the Kinsmen Club of Ajax for many years, serving three terms on the Executive Committee. He has been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for several years, having served on the executive of Branch 322 in Ajax. 

Derek has organized and promoted many fundraiser events, having successfully raised money for Autism Ontario, The Royal Canadian Legion, the Kinsmen, and some of the hockey teams for which he worked.

Derek has had a long interest in politics, and has managed multiple municipal campaigns. He joins the Trillium Party of Ontario as a Candidate, and a voter who is disenchanted with the direction that democracy has taken in Ontario; namely the stranglehold the Liberals, PCs, and NDP have on our government institutions, and their blatant disregard for our Constitution.

Derek is looking forward to trying to make a difference, and spread the Trillium Party promise of “Something Different, Something Better”.
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