Derek Sharp
Trillium Party of Ontario
Northumberland-Peterborough South
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The Trillium Party of Ontario prioritizes the People and Families of Ontario.  The party's mandate is based in common sense policies that prioritize ALL Ontario citizens in their creation, transparency (truth, backed by facts and figures), accountability, and no whipped voting.
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Derek with Trillium Party Leader Bob Yaciuk.
Trillium Party of Ontario offers SOMETHING DIFFERENT, SOMETHING BETTER; poised to send a message to "The Big Three".
Written by Derek Sharp on January 22, 2018
Tonight at 8:30 pm, Trillium Party of Ontario leader Bob Yaciuk will be holding a press conference to announce a major turning point in the history of our party.

Last week, more than 600 members of the PC Party Riding Association in the King-Vaughan electoral district, including 24 of its directors, "crossed the floor" and joined the Trillium Party.  As near as I can tell, it marks the largest mass defection from one party to another in Ontario's history.

The Trillium Party keeps making history.  Last year, Jack MacLaren (Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP) left the PC Party and crossed the floor to the Trillium Party.  It marked the first time a sitting MPP has crossed the floor from an official party to a party that did not have official party status.

Why are so many people, some of whom have been loyal to their party all their adult lives, coming over to the Trillium Party?

For most, they are simply dissatisfied with the direction their party has taken.  They are tired of electing people to "represent" them, who represent nothing more than the party's interests.  They are sick of not having a voice at Queen's Park.  And more than anything, they are ready for REAL CHANGE.

The mindset of being a longtime loyal party member who does not like the direction your party has gone is in some ways the same as the mindset of an abused spouse.  Obviously, I do not want to diminish the severity of spousal abuse, but there are a lot of parallels.  You feel trapped.  You feel it is your fault; that somehow you are not doing enough to fix or change things.  You hope that if you just stick it out, things will change.

Things won't change.  Bob Yaciuk tried to affect real change in the PC Party from the inside for decades.  The Big Three are so entrenched in their own interests that they have forgotten the people.

The good news is, no matter how many years you have supported your party, if they no longer represent your interests and beliefs YOU CAN LEAVE FOR A BETTER ALTERNATIVE.

600 people in King-Vaughan have found their alternative.

I hope that tonight's announcement will empower people who are dissatisfied with their party, no matter which party it is, to find the courage to seek out something better.  The Big Three are so similar in policy now that no matter which you choose, we are in for four more years of EXACTLY THE SAME AGENDA.

If it's going to be the same agenda...

...the same corruption...

...the same whipped voting...

...then does it really matter whose nameplate is on the Premier's office door?  Wynne; Brown; Horwath; all the same, and all to blame.

The Trillium Party CAN make a difference.  It is almost certain, according to most experts and polls, that we will have a minority government.  If the Trillium Party can gain even 4-8 seats in a minority government, we can have a strong influence, and YOUR VOICE CAN BE HEARD!  

In June, I ask for your help in making sure that the people of Northumberland-Peterborough South have a REAL VOICE at Queen's Park in the next parliament.  Let me show you what true representation can do for you, when your elected MPP puts YOU above his PARTY.  

Give the Trillium Party of Ontario a chance to provide you with SOMETHING DIFFERENT, SOMETHING BETTER!!

Derek Sharp
Trillium Party Candidate of Record,
Northumberland-Peterborough South

About The Candidate:

Derek Sharp is a 42 year old father of 3, and a stay-at-home dad to his two young daughters. In 2015, he and his wife, Cheri, moved to Colborne from Ajax to make a better and more peaceful life for their children, away from the city.

Derek has spent most of his life in service to his community. He has been a volunteer in Jr. A hockey, working for 6 different Ontario Junior Hockey League teams over his 16 years as a volunteer. He was a member of the Kinsmen Club of Ajax for many years, serving three terms on the Executive Committee. He has been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for several years, having served on the executive of Branch 322 in Ajax. 

Derek has organized and promoted many fundraiser events, having successfully raised money for Autism Ontario, The Royal Canadian Legion, the Kinsmen, and some of the hockey teams for which he worked.

Derek has had a long interest in politics, and has managed multiple municipal campaigns. He joins the Trillium Party of Ontario as a Candidate, and a voter who is disenchanted with the direction that democracy has taken in Ontario; namely the stranglehold the Liberals, PCs, and NDP have on our government institutions, and their blatant disregard for our Constitution.

Derek is looking forward to trying to make a difference, and spread the Trillium Party promise of “Something Different, Something Better”.
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