Derek Sharp
Trillium Party of Ontario
Northumberland-Peterborough South
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The Trillium Party of Ontario prioritizes the People and Families of Ontario.  The party's mandate is based in common sense policies that prioritize ALL Ontario citizens in their creation, transparency (truth, backed by facts and figures), accountability, and no whipped voting.
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Derek with Trillium Party Leader Bob Yaciuk.
Trillium Party of Ontario offers SOMETHING DIFFERENT, SOMETHING BETTER; poised to send a message to "The Big Three".
Written by Derek Sharp on February 9, 2018

"You're going to split the vote!!!"

It's something I've heard countless times since deciding to run for MPP with a lesser-known party (I absolutely hate the term "fringe" party).  The idea of "vote splitting" is a huge misconception.

For one thing, the entire concept of vote-splitting is a fear-mongering myth perpetuated by the Big Three parties.  They WANT you voting out of fear, and believing that "splitting the vote is bad", because that is how they maintain their stranglehold and monopoly on OUR democracy.

"But we have to vote out Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals!"

Why?  So we can vote IN whoever the next PC Leader is, and his or her Liberals?  Remember, when PC President Jag Badwal announced the leadership race, he also said that a condition of running for leadership would be full acceptance and endorsement of the current policy platform once elected.  So no matter what the candidates for leadership are saying right now, they've already committed to the platform just by entering the race.  

So what exactly are we "splitting the vote" from? The Liberals, the Liberals, or the Liberals?

Consider as well that no matter who the new leader is, the back room cronyism and whipped voting are still going to exist.  They're changing the quarterback, but the coach, general manager, and playbook are still the same.  It's a culture that is never going to change until the voters force their hand in a big way, as happened to the federal PCs when they lost official party status.  

The reality is that vote splitting does not exist.  Democracy is not supposed to be about voting out of fear of something worse, but voting FOR something YOU BELIEVE IN.  If you cannot believe in a party's platform, how does it make sense to vote for them just because "we have to get the other guys out"?  Fear-based voting is doomed to always give us more of the same.

Since the agenda is going to be the same for four more years with any of the Big Three, does it really matter whose nameplate is on the Premier's office door?  Voting out the Big Three AGENDA is what is important, not any one specific person or party.

The Trillium Party is not here to "split the vote".  We are here to offer a very strong alternative to dissatisfied voters from ALL of the Big Three parties...Something Different, Something Better.  Those who are dissatisfied with any of the Big Three whipped voting, the Big Three back room cronyism, and the Big Three corruption, can find a home in the Trillium Family.  We also are trying to appeal to you if you are among the more than 50% of Ontarians who gave up on voting because "it doesn't matter who I vote for, I have no real say in anything anyway".  We are here to change that.  We are here to give you your voice back.

The Trillium Party believes that ALL OF US are the shareholders that OWN Ontario, not just the elected officials and back room cronies of the Big Three parties.  The time is now to take back that ownership stake and run Ontario the way YOU want it to be run.

Every democratic society, at some point in their history, reaches a turning point.  This is Ontario's turning point.  We want you to turn to us as your voice in parliament.  We can be the strong message you send to the Big Three; a message that Ontario is no longer going to accept the way they do business.

With just 8 seats, we can gain official party status and really get to work for YOU, holding the Big Three accountable to the PEOPLE of Ontario.

Don't vote out of fear.  Vote out of a desire for REAL change.  Vote out of HOPE...for a better future for you, your family, and Ontario.

Derek Sharp
Trillium Party 2018 Provincial Candidate,
Northumberland-Peterborough South

About The Candidate:

Derek Sharp is a 42 year old father of 3, and a stay-at-home dad to his two young daughters. In 2015, he and his wife, Cheri, moved to Colborne from Ajax to make a better and more peaceful life for their children, away from the city.

Derek has spent most of his life in service to his community. He has been a volunteer in Jr. A hockey, working for 6 different Ontario Junior Hockey League teams over his 16 years as a volunteer. He was a member of the Kinsmen Club of Ajax for many years, serving three terms on the Executive Committee. He has been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for several years, having served on the executive of Branch 322 in Ajax. 

Derek has organized and promoted many fundraiser events, having successfully raised money for Autism Ontario, The Royal Canadian Legion, the Kinsmen, and some of the hockey teams for which he worked.

Derek has had a long interest in politics, and has managed multiple municipal campaigns. He joins the Trillium Party of Ontario as a Candidate, and a voter who is disenchanted with the direction that democracy has taken in Ontario; namely the stranglehold the Liberals, PCs, and NDP have on our government institutions, and their blatant disregard for our Constitution.

Derek is looking forward to trying to make a difference, and spread the Trillium Party promise of “Something Different, Something Better”.
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